Wanaka Autumn Art School part 2, and my unrequited love

Well what a wonderful experience it’s been attending a learning and creative intense week on all aspects of landscape photography with such a good tutor as John Doogan and an outstanding group of fellow students. Here are a few of my images:

Each afternoon we’d go to a different Wanaka location and spend a couple of hours making some images, which later we’d have to distill down to two, and the next day we’d critique each other’s selection. This one took awhile to set up, with tripod in the creek etc. by the airport, and thanks to being fussy there was not much post production work needed…
Autumn Lake Wanaka

For our last two assignments the weather was sunny with more contrast between light and dark than I care to work with, so I spent sometime “seeing” and working in the middle of shady thickets…
Wanaka Autumn

Playing with tension between objects at the Lake Wanaka Outlet, illustrates my above comment on the extreme contrast in light around 3 pm…
Wanaka Lake Outlet

I’m a sucker for autumn with the carpet like potential of fallen leaves. On this occasion I hung about until the light got lower and more tangental just as the sun dipped below the western horizon…
Wanaka Autumn Leaves

A sculpture at the Lake Wanaka Outlet by fellow cross country skier Ernie Maluschnig, a Wanaka metal worker and artist…
Wanaka Laughter Art Work at Lake Outlet

Wanaka Outlet Art Work

I went back to the Lake Wanaka Outlet to catch the ANZAC day dawn light, and froze my butt off doing the “landscaper’s wait” perched on top of my camper truck for this shot…
Wanaka Outlet Autumn

When the course finished on Friday afternoon I was a bit of a lost soul coming back to the “unreal world” from working with light and very special people for five days, so I wandered the Lake Wanaka shoreline on dusk to begin to assimilate many feelings arising out of the dichotomy of art [from the heart/gut feelings] and craft [the technical skills needed to make an image].

Readers here might wonder at my comment that it had aspects inherent in it of being in love in a never ending creative unrequited sense, but my heart was opened somewhat by the experience!

Can our creative urges in their many guises ever truly be satiated?

“Wandering” at least often leads us to other kindred spirits…
Lake Wanaka Tree

  2 comments for “Wanaka Autumn Art School part 2, and my unrequited love

  1. B Jacob
    May 1, 2013 at 6:09 am

    Love this my friend. You insights and thoughts keep in touch with NZ in my own little way
    Thanks you; keep it up.

    • Donald Lousley
      May 6, 2013 at 6:28 pm

      Thanks Bindu

      Still seems funny having you so far away. But… inspiring how you got there, and in the nicest possible way.



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