Minaret barge pusher boat out of Lake Wanaka for survey

Some years ago Wanaka local identity and business man Sir Tim Wallis commissioned a huge barge to be built to service his Minaret Station up the lake from the Wanaka Makarora highway [the popular tourist route and only road to Haast and the West Coast]. The barge and pusher boat were built and assembled near Wanaka on a gently sloping beach and boat launching area called Waterfall Creek. It was quite an event in more ways than one!

So when I heard recently the unit was being serviced there again I took a drive to check it out:

Minaret Station Barge Lake Wanaka

Minaret Station Barge Lake Wanaka

The local newspaper based in Dunedin, the Otago Daily Times did an article on it as well:

For the first time since its launch in Lake Wanaka almost 18 years ago, the pusher boat for the Minaret Station barge was taken out of the water this week to be surveyed.The 15m by 6m, 65-tonne vessel has attracted plenty of attention from the […]

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