Dunedin ~ Ballet and the arts, the botanic gardens, and the Otago Peninsula

I’m just back from a spontaneous trip to Dunedin. One of the reasons for another visit to this always enjoyable city was to attend the Imperial Russian Ballet Company performing Swan Lake… the most loved classical ballet of them all.

This phrase [from their website above] succinctly gets to the point: “Swan Lake crosses the world of magic and mystical creatures with that of the real world. It is a story where the virtues of love and forgiveness in the end conquer evil and betrayal.”

My “real world” first impression as the ballerina’s danced onto the stage was one of amazing lightness! They seemed to float, and the real effort was later belied by the odd thump as they connected with the stage floor on landing, [only to soar yet again].

As the story unfolded I began to see an analogy with real life and how the handicap in same can be a negativity we’re often not even aware of. It can float too just like the seemingly beautiful black swan.

Life’s currents too can seem as obvious on the surface as the pond the swans floated in, but underneath the currents flow deeper, and the ballerinas symbolised this by vibrating and shimmering their legs while on their toes. Well that’s how I saw it – it is all about interpretation I guess.

I also did a few other things on my short visit such as some exploring of the Otago Peninsula, a long time favourite haunt of mine…

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