A duck on a ledge, “oh Kirsty how you made me Burn” and half a toilet stop

This winter has been, and currently still is, an amazing one for me. So many exciting changes: “full on” yoga of a style known as Anusara [opening of the heart], fitter than I’ve been for years, and my love of cross country skiing blossoming, especially thanks to some new gear that allows me to enjoy marginal snow conditions rather than survive them, notably Salomon skis I was introduced to by the welcome annual visit of my friend Alexei to our local Snow Farm, where he runs coaching clinics.

So as spring time takes hold, with all it’s usual vagaries of weather the longer daylight hours lend themselves to longer ski tours of several hours duration into the “real” mountains, where I like being forced to take responsibility for my own [usually solo] follies. Click on the first thumbnail below for a slide show of last Sunday’s “big burn” attempt to ski Mt Pisa…

For those of you interested the skis are 185 cm Salomon Hadu models. They have metal edges and fish scales for grip, and along with Salomon’s heavier cross country ski boots with the wider binding fitting and a climbing/tramping tread, make for an amazingly effective and light combo for New Zealand snow conditions.

Best fun I’ve had for years on them!

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