Back to Bob Lee hut for an overnighter

Recently I’ve been posting a few photos of the odd nocturnal visit to Bob Lee hut on the Pisa Range near Wanaka, and part of The Snow Farm’s cross country ski area.

The down side of this is that I’m never there for the breaking of dawn! And it’s a spot that photographically has much to offer at either end of the day.

So yesterday afternoon two of us headed off [plus dog] into some pretty bad weather on a photo gathering sortie…
Snow Farm

Previous hut users left a cheerful decor…
Snow Farm's Bob Lee hut

Snow continued to fall well into night time…
Snow Farm's Bob Lee hut

The wind sighed and the snow continued all night, and the hut’s log burner highlighted the specialness of mountain huts…
Snow Farm's Bob Lee hut

There were a few minor wind shifts all night, and it got colder, with a biting wind. This is what we woke up to at dawn – we’d scurry out and click the shutter a few times, then head back in for a warm up…
Criffel Range from the Pisa Range, Central Otago, NZ

We got a few competent images, but for me it highlighted my need to live on the wild side more often! Not quite the wild side sought by many, but more one where the elements remind me that we’re fragile human beings, and that the basics of life are things to be grateful for.

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  1. Deirdre
    September 17, 2012 at 8:51 am

    Wow great photos – what an adventure!

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