Back to winter, back to inner seeing

Apart from a recent posting of favourite images my last post was about the onset of spring.

Well New Zealand’s climate is ever changing and we’ve had a dramatic change back to winter…
IMG 3183

Conditions were obviously 1st class on arrival at the Snow Farm car-park last Sunday…
IMG 3061

IMG 3039

IMG 3041

More snow than I’ve seen for sometime…
IMG 3093

I love the way the clouds merge with the horizon so we don’t know easily where one ends and the other begins – being as one is always profound!…
IMG 3110

It was a day all about locals, and fortunately having gone early there was time to talk and ski with lots of old friends.

I got invited to a music jam session back at a cafe in Wanaka and lo… more familiar faces which was heaps of fun…
IMG 3150

As well as learning to play the spoons [which I found I really liked doing], I indulged in some portrait photography…
IMG 3157

So that was Sunday – then another front or two arrived and on cue [been very into targeting adventures this winter], so yesterday was “the day” for a night ski.

But, bother! Local farmers have started the spring burn-off of bracken fern. It’s an emotive thing in areas that take pride in tourism activities…
IMG 3198 2

At least it was clear to the Remarkables in the south…
IMG 3211

I lingered long in a remote area, and on skiing back in the gathering gloom, I was amazed to see the snow “glow”, yet the sun had long set…
IMG 3234 2

You pay a price for lingering, but I like skiing in the dark. It was approaching minus 14 ‘tho, and that gave some opportunities using flash to make a photo while huffing heavily over the top of the camera…
IMG 3252 2

And speaking of a “glow” as above:

As soon as I was on the long haul back uphill from the headwaters of the Meg, well before the lights of the Lodge I turned off my headlight so as to enjoy the stars and used various awareness techniques at times to stay on the route, not to mention staying upright as it’s hard to balance in total darkness.

As the night deepened I became aware of a barely discernable and useful glow about me of approx three meter radius. I was frigging mystified as it seemed to come from within me, and then I thought it was light from the Milky Way! How amazing was that I thought – light from billions of light years away!

I’ve done a lot in the dark in the mountains and never seen anything of the likes before. But I do know in other instances when darkness excludes visual guidance that other senses such as feeling the track through the feet come into play. This is always accompanied by what I call entering “the zone”. But this time there was no need for this – I knew exactly where I was, often by using my ski poles like a cat uses it’s whiskers

But after pondering why I could only see definition underfoot and not on surrounding banks, snow etc. [it was profoundly dark and the route is in a gully] I came to an explanation more of a spiritual flavour based on the fact that I’ve been advancing this year into deep yoga, breathing and poses which change our perceptions of life. Actually right at the very core of the central nervous system and beyond

I think my “seeing” was akin to how an inner sight develops in some blind people.

It was rather eerie, of gold tonings and although subtle, extremely beautiful!

How little we know of ourselves until we commit, or are pushed into holes or barriers – sometimes we opt to go back, maybe even to misery, or at best “ordinary life”!

Going on ‘tho, into what only we can know – our own unique journey into a type of darkness, with work and surrender we can give ourselves permission to make our own light to steer by, or do we simply allow it to shine through us from a greater source!

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