A few thoughts on light weight ski touring and a fashion shoot

Following on from the popularity of last week’s post here are a few words on the underlying thoughts and emotions on such a trip:

Heading off on these solo jaunts I always remind myself that “familiarity breeds contempt”. Although trails on the Snow Farm are fairly well frequented going out on dusk as I do is a time I’m usually very alone.

There is not a great feeling of isolation when I reach the northern most boundary of my self appointed tour, that is until the sun sets and the wind bites…Ski tour snow farm

I usually take a small snow saw and overmits, the theory being that if I hurt myself I could build a small snow shelter/cave and burrow in out of the wind, but it’s a useless strategy this winter as this snow cover is really thin

I sort of seemed to ski across time on ice…
Ski tour snow farm

Through the setting sun on racing clouds, and a cold that watered my eyes…
Ski tour snow farm

Oh I was so aware of the isolation of this most rugged gorge, and the chill, and how it held my all of my body except my heart. A heart held warm by a love of life…
Ski tour Snow Farm Meg Gorge

Perhaps by doing ski tours like this I sometimes ski briefly into where God lives – in our hearts. I think he guides me on these trips for good reason.

To stand by all on ice or earth with an open heart…
Ski tour snow farm

Back near civilisation I often find I have a heightened sense of awareness of my surroundings and inner self, hence this shot…
Ski tour Snow Farm

On finishing on dark, and feeling so chilled as I did last last Sat., I elected to camp up there in my camper to further enjoy the wild rawness, and sometimes there are surprises in this strategy too.

Like last Sunday morning on waking I found myself in the midst of a photo shoot for a snow boarding clothing range in preparation for 2014 catalogue. It was fun, very interesting and I made some new friends…
film shoot at the snow farm

film shoot at the snow farm


film shoot at the snow farm and Mt Aspiring


film shoot at the snow farm


And to wrap up a typical spring weather pattern has now arrived, and westerlies as per this approaching front today are now on the scene. The Cardrona Valley…
The Cardrona Valley

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