Thinking verses Opening the Heart

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You may have noted I don’t post here as often these days. Well, it’s because I’ve stopped thinking in terms of trying to make sense of a few things – so there is less intellectualising, and framing everything in my mind.

I’ve been learning to shut the dialogue up, and yoga is one of the tools!

The entertaining of what many believe are approx. 40,00 random thoughts per day has not been standing up too well to the question: “do they serve me well?”

But nature abhors a vacuum, so enter “opening the heart”. I’ve figured the below out, and my sharing is provisional pending any information or comments [see below where you can leave yours]:

When we let our heart lead us, it grows the concept that ideas and thinking are not modes we can be in the service of


Our heart knows what our minds can never grasp! It is very removed from ideas, even the best ones.

Preservation Inlet

Our heart breaches the walls of the mind attaining freedom. Love flows when the heart is sovereign

Milford Track

Love and God are really aspects of our hearts, one-in-the-same, the Universe – call him/her/it what you will. We are of the stars

Snow Farm NZ

The heart knows no fear, no history, no future, but somehow it knows intuition.


I urge you to follow your heart. Examine all that does not serve, and consider that pain is inevitable in life and that suffering is optional. Question every belief – when done with the heart many new questions will arise, but that’s OK.

Realise that there is comfort in the status quo, but if there is accompanying pain, realise that fear [of the unknown] comes from thinking! Construct new paradigms based on the awareness of feelings – of the present!

Next time someone takes a stance against your heartfulness, turn it around rather than gathering it in emotionally, knowing that:

Those who have grown up within a strong monetary, tribal, or religious structure, or one of countless others, then these people will struggle the most to access their heart and their truth.

It seems easier for the so called “poorer” among us, as their lives maybe less under the influencal structures inherent in affluence, to be free of the arrogance and pride that is part of the territory charted, and structured. Humility is much undervalued!

Yes, we do need structures in society, in balance and held in a tension that serves us all, but consider this theory I’ve heard about recently:

Judas it seems came from an affluent family, so why did he “sell out” Christ if he did not need the money? He’d even grown up with him, so knew some of his capabilities and obviously a lot of his intent.

It could be he simply could not accommodate or conceptualise the thought that Christ was making his heart and love sovereign. In the context of the times and the Roman Empire, this must have been perceived as incredibly radical.

Yes, it could be that Judas simply did not know how to access his own light, because of the structures he’d been raised within!

How fitting to use the word “within”.

How best do we look out when we’re within? Like a bird flying in the bush – lead with the heart!

… and these maybe the lessons deliberately glossed over by the structures of religion then and now, [and in these times they’re really corporations]. Our minds can be controlled, our hearts cannot!

There are many paths to “shining the heart”. The hard part is the knowledge of “knowing thy self”.

A start on that one is to avoid labels – especially labelling ourselves! Then learn to breath, laugh, and every time we find ourselves thinking, engage awareness of ourselves instead, of awareness itself!

“Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.”
– William Shakespeare


“All the Buddhas of all the ages have been telling you a very simple fact: Be — don’t try to become. Within these two words, be and becoming, your whole life is contained. Being is enlightenment, becoming is ignorance.”

– Osho

With profound thanks to my many teachers – I love you all. Heather, Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell inspires!

Footnote: Not every one leaves comments as such, and one verbal one of a few hours ago was along the lines that we’ve all grown up within the structure of time, and live in it! So lets keep our eyes open for an Event Horizon of the Heart 😉

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  1. August 14, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    Kia ora Donald,
    Very warming words to read coming home from my other home rather bruised and battered in many ways. Finding political discourses form all points on the spectrum that refuse to listen and reason, and instead just spew forth more bile. I am more convinced that only way to change the world is to continue to change myself and live with the values I find where my heart feels the most. Hope you are well.

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