The Wanaka Show 2012

Technically it’s called The Upper Clutha A & P Show, and was first held in Cromwell in 1895.

We’ve just had the 75th Show near the beautiful shores of Lake Wanaka, which is one of the most stunning settings in the country for an A&P Show. About 20 years ago a real local [you’re only one if you have an ancestor in the local cemetery], told me it’d not rained on the two days it’s held for about 30 years. So add 20 + 30!

The horses came early as usual, and the sun shone…
Wanaka show 02

The kids had a great time…
Wanaka show 15

Not many locals were as stuffy as this pair…
Wanaka show 29

A long view of the Show…
Wanaka show 33

A scary encounter…
Wanaka show 36

So much fun took it’s toll…
Wanaka show 38

Two bothers nurse a family rabbit…
Wanaka show 52

Serious business…
Wanaka show 54

Wanaka show 61

A winner a few times over…
Wanaka show 62

Walking the bull…
Wanaka show 67

Music Vanuatu style…
Wanaka show 75

The above are the shots taken that I now enjoy the most – you can see about 60 more and the New Zealand slant on an A&P Show on the new site at iDiscover >>

I also caught up with my friend Shirley, who lives in Invercargill, and you can see more photos on her blog here>>

And as for the weather: Today, the day after… overcast skies this morning and heavy rain, and at first this afternoon occasional showers, some of which are heavy. And it’s chilly!

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  2 comments for “The Wanaka Show 2012

  1. marg smith
    March 16, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Hi Donald – these photos are just magic. After a hard weeking working out of town it is just lovely to drop by and see these great images. My communication on all fronts has been appalling lately – a house sell and moving day tomorrow and life in general is fairly consuming atm. Hope you and all your nearest and dearest are happy and well

    • Donald Lousley
      April 2, 2012 at 9:53 pm

      Dear Margaret

      You sound really busy, so I’m glad my images bring you time to relax and enjoy where we live.

      Yes, all good here thanks. Must catch up with you soon – phone maybe?



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