Huts and dwellings on the Nevis Valley route Garston to Bannockburn

Every year or two I like to do a trip through the Nevis Valley in Central Otago, and on every occasion I end up taking longer and longer, as it’s just full of history and points of interest.

So working our way from Garston back to Bannockburn here are a few of the dwellings in the valley…

The historic Southland Ski Club hut near the top of the Nevis Saddle…Southland Ski Club hut

This hut has been restored, but being beside a road can leave it open to abuse. Still it is dry and clean enough…home-chairs.jpg

The carpark beside what is a public 4wd road [closed over winter though]…Southland Ski Club hut car park

This style chair was a product of the 60s. My parents had a set, so this took me right back down memory lane. This one even made the same noise as I placed it by the light…still-life-chair.jpg

The above’s out-house…out-house Southland Ski Club.jpg

Sadly this state of disrepair of a hut down in the head of the Nevis river, and up a side stream, could easily be put right…messy-hut.jpg

Modern day miner’s cottages I suspect, turned bach /crib/ holiday home…miners-cottages-nevis.jpg

Beside an old gold dredging hole/lakehut-remains-nevis.jpg

Fireplace in above remains…fire-place-nevis.jpg

Again a modern day miner’s cottage…corrugated-iron-hut-nevis.jpg

Up a side valley – new lean-to on the side of a really old mud and stone hut…stone-cottage-nevis.jpg

The perfect situation for those roasting summer days, where shade is everything…hut-in-willows.jpg

Selwyn’s house has been lovingly restored and inside is lined with hi-tech astro foil for insulation that was developed by NASA…selwyns-hut.jpg

Ken’s house was built by his grand-father, and is over a hundred years old with the roof still the original iron bought here from Scotland…kens-house.jpg

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