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Concepts on how New Zealand landscape photography and fine art can be used to stimulate our imaginations to make the world a better and more gentle place. With photos, and some words, we explore with nomadic tendencies and inherited wizardry, all that is New Zealand, and it did not all begin with Lord of the Rings! Cheers Donald Lousley PS my work site iCommunicate and MacAssist:

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A fine autumn


Since returning from my work with DOC up the Matukituki Valley in Mt Aspiring National Park, I’ve been delighted to find myself in the midst of the the most beautiful autumn in Wanaka, The Southern Lakes and Central Otago. Here are a few images:

Christmas and New Year at Aspiring Hut


It’s turning out to be a delight as to how I may feel walking in to begin my 15 day stints as hut warden at Aspiring Hut, and then finding that the mood of the weather has as much to do with it as anything. It really dictates the whole “energy” internally and externally, with…

Stepping back in time at Aspiring Hut


Following on from my last post awhile back about my summer job looking after Aspiring Hut up the West Matukituki Valley this evening I find myself writing this up on site as the rain falls steadily to the tune of seriously flooded mountain rivers, my laptop being charged via solar, and my only immediate contact…

My new summer job in Mt Aspiring National Park

Mt Aspiring

It’s all been a bit serendipitous how after lightening my journey of baggage and possessions, how I was “ready” [for what some asked, and I had no answer], that I now find myself being the new summer warden of the iconic Aspiring Hut . It’s in the West Matukituki Valley, Mt Aspiring National Park, near…

Kea’s fancy ‘photobomb’ no fake

When a kea ”photobombs” a picture, the results can be spectacular.Just ask Geoff Marks, who was snapping away at Treble Cone recently.Supposedly, to photobomb via Kea’s fancy ‘photobomb’ no fake | Otago Daily Times Online News : Otago, South Island, New Zealand & International News.

A calling to help save broken souls…

Samantha Martin has spent the past seven months in Los Angeles helping former sex trafficking victims find a better life as part of the Dream Center’s Project Hope. The 26-year-old from Oamaru talked to [..] via A calling to help save broken souls | Otago Daily Times Online News : Otago, South Island, New Zealand…

Govt policy too weak to maintain waterways – My River

With a general election pending in New Zealand this year, water quality is something to consider as a top priority! The Morgan Foundation recently reviewed the Government’s fresh water policy with a panel of 16 eminent experts. Our objective was to see if the policies announced would actually deliver the goal the Government declared it…