The sky’s the limit for Simon Spencer-Bower who has just logged 20,000 hours …

I was pretty amazed this week to learn that my friend Simon Spencer-Bower has just logged 20,000 hours as a pilot. I knew a year or two ago he was first in the world to exceed 10,000 in a Robinson 22. This alone is quite an achievement!

I’ve flown with him a few times, including a very special time when times were hard in my life, when he took my son age 10, and I heli-sking on the Pisa Range with his children, and what really impressed me was how he took the time to shut down while waiting on us older lads, and when we got down to him there he was building a snowman with his daughter and my Dougal.

Here are a few photos of another day in the hills with him when I was helping he and his staff gather up the remains of a glider that had crashed a few days before [with fatalities] on a mountain side between Hawea and the Ahuriri Valley…

Wanaka Helicopters Squirrel

Wanaka Helicopters Squirrel

Wanaka Helicopters Squirrel

Wanaka Helicopters Squirrel

Wanaka Helicopters Simon Spencer-Bower

Simon is an excellent photographer too… more>>

The Otago Daily Times also did an excellent feature on his achievement this week..

Wanaka Helicopters owner Simon Spencer-Bower is modest about his many aviation achievements, but even he could confess to being a little proud of his latest one – this week reaching 20,000 flying hours.

More via >> Otago Daily Times Online News

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